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Mar 02 2011

lighter note

a story from yesterday, to make today go down a little easier:
L got sick at breakfast. Personally, I think he probably just ate too quickly. In any case, at roughly the same time he should’ve been standing up to return his tray, he vomited.
I hear you. You’re thinking, “Gross.”
L’s vomit was phenomenal for a number of reasons:
1. All of it- and I do mean all of it- landed in his tray.
2. When it was his turn to get up, even though he’d just returned his partially digested breakfast to its place of origin, he got up.
3. He started to get in line to return his tray with vomitty spit hanging from his mouth.
4. He did not cry, he did not complain. Another child came to tell me that he’d gotten sick.
He didn’t break from our routine until after I’d approached him, seen the mess, and told him he should sit…

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Mar 02 2011

congrats, R. you found my limit.

when I revise my classroom management tone to try to accomodate your moods, i expect a response. when I am acutely aware of your moods and do absolutely everything i can think of to pull you out of them (to varying degrees of success) i expect you to learn, eventually, to improve them on your…

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Jan 12 2011

CMA Application: ugh.

14. Did your students ultimately reach the goal you set? What specifically were their results? I’m supposed to answer this question about my last completed year of teaching. Here’s what I’d like to say: I think my kids reached our goals. I mean, my data says we got really really close- 1.9 years of reading…

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Jan 10 2011

on the eve of our second snow day….

I bring you kindergarten wisdom I gathered last week. Tony: If you throw a rock at somebody’s window, it’ll bust. Anayja: Oh lord. You need some duck tape. & I watched Jamarrion pull a little bag of M&Ms out of his pocket, and I immediately confiscated them. He looked at me and asked, very honestly:…

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Dec 23 2010

“lives of joy and opportunity”

My project was fully funded! To the anonymous donors & my always-supportive friends and family: thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll be scheming further ways to enrich the lives of these short-statured children over the break…

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Dec 09 2010

not too proud to beg.

Like the stories from my classroom? Contribute to making it better! For 2 years I’ve mostly just purchased what my students needed on my own (with some notable assists from family & friends). But I’ve *finally* made a DonorsChoose project, so you have the chance to help my kindertots out too! and, because i haven’t…

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Nov 09 2010

two conversations from today

the first, which i did not witness: [scene: A, playing in the bathroom] Ms. S: “A, I’m going to move your clip.” A: “So?” the second, this evening: Me: “Ms. B? This is A’s teacher. I wanted to let you know about something that happened at school today. A was disrespectful.” Ms. B: (cutting me…

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Nov 09 2010

matriculation time

the delta is awesome. you should come here, for sure. feel free to email/comment with questions!

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if R doesn’t stop whimpering on his mat during nap time, i’m going to walk by and accidentally step on one of the hands that he’s flailing about, so that he has a reason to cry. (currently, there is NOTHING wrong with this child) shh, don’t tell my principal [for reals, i wouldn’t do this.…

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Oct 25 2010

so far today

D has pushed L. B kicked J. B hit A. T bit himself, but told me it was R. i do not like these children very much today. parent-teacher conferences tomorrow night? absolutely.

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