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Oct 06 2008


My kids write in their journals everyday. This ritual serves a selfish purpose, certainly: I get a few moments to get my head together, or deal with whatever random paperwork has made its way onto my desk. But more importantly, I’m not sure how else to teach writing. It’s one of the many things I need to improve, and I figure that as long as I don’t know what’s most effective, I’ll just make them practice. A lot. Spelling doesn’t count in their journals and they have the option to put them in my bag to get feedback. (Most of them do, everyday!)

Without further ado, unedited 2nd grade wisdom:

Our School is God I Love My School -S

Went We get out of School I will home and go to the prack today and get and pool outside today I loves to Work hard! -L
(That exclamation point was the only punctuation on the page)

My favorite journal entry so far, from today when I had them write for longer than usual.
The start of the entry is gushing about how much we’ve learned this 9 weeks and how Ms. L is her favorite teacher ever. Though at some point, she turned against me….

My favorite thing is missing school because I hate my teacher so much I don’t want talk to her no more! she is making me cry I don’t want to wirte anymore I don’t know what’s wrong with my teacher I want to go home rigth now my teacher is being mean I don’t like my teacher anymore. -D

D, if you don’t want to write everyday- that’s fine. But composing what is, for 2nd grade, a pretty impressive paragraph won’t help your argument. You assert your opinion, and then back it up. Phenomenal! Correct use of an exclamation point. Fabulous! Multiple sentences on the same topic in a mostly coherent progression- wow. Way to go D!

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