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Mar 02 2011

lighter note

a story from yesterday, to make today go down a little easier:

L got sick at breakfast. Personally, I think he probably just ate too quickly. In any case, at roughly the same time he should’ve been standing up to return his tray, he vomited.

I hear you. You’re thinking, “Gross.”

L’s vomit was phenomenal for a number of reasons:

1. All of it- and I do mean all of it- landed in his tray.

2. When it was his turn to get up, even though he’d just returned his partially digested breakfast to its place of origin, he got up.

3. He started to get in line to return his tray with vomitty spit hanging from his mouth.

4. He did not cry, he did not complain. Another child came to tell me that he’d gotten sick.

He didn’t break from our routine until after I’d approached him, seen the mess, and told him he should sit back down.

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